Updated: Oct 28

Is Miami Ready? “It is important to consider community transmission risk as schools reopen...Computer simulations from Europe have suggested that school re-openings may further increase transmission risk in communities where transmission is already high.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“In the U.S., we should differentiate school reopening policy by case incidence levels in the relevant jurisdiction (counties and districts) at the time of reopening….states—for instance, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Texas, and Florida—currently have such high case incidence in many counties/districts that those counties/districts should plan to begin the fall semester with online learning.” Harvard Global Health Institute

Reopening District Checklist:

✔Finalize instructional models, staff training and plan to support schools with implementation.

✔Maximize funding sources to support reopening.

✔Assess parental preferences regarding instructional models.

✔Maintain clear communication channels with schools, parents and community stakeholders.

✔Continue collaborative conversations with union leaders to establish clear expectations for all employees.

✔Ensure supply chain for keeping schools stocked with critical supplies.

✔Update protocols to respond to changing conditions and clearly communicate them to all stakeholders.

✔Deploy operational toolkit to schools to support implementation of all health and safety protocols and procedures. Reopen

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