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Tonight, through passion and tears Speaker, Activist, and Rapper Killer Mike delivers a very poignant speech to Atlantans in the wake of the murder of George Floyd a Black man in Minneapolis. Killer Mike begins by telling viewers that he did not want to come to speak. He did not want to come to the aid of his hometown to speak life to rioters because quite frankly he too had thoughts of setting the world on fire after the senseless killing of George Floyd by police officers.

The recorded killing of George Floyd has sparked an array of emotions that literally have people shook. George Floyd's life was taken by a White Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, who for over 9-minutes pushed his knee into the neck of Floyd which lead to his death on Monday. The murder was recorded and went viral on the internet. Chauvin was fired from the police force, brought up on third-degree murder charges and second-degree manslaughter charges.

Protests have swept the country but in some cities they have turned to violence. In Downtown Atlanta, protestors stormed the CNN building, tore down the sign and broke out the glass of the building. Killer Mike likened the destruction to karma for CNN the 24 hour news network, "Stop feeding fear and anger everyday. Stop making people feel so fearful - Give them hope."

He went on to say "What do you have after you burn down your own home?" The answer is a simple solution to sit, plan, and execute. Change comes in many ways but it does not reveal itself while you sit on your couch as a witness. It is now time to get involved if not for yourself then for the next generation. He charged protestors and those onlookers to register for the Census and to register to Vote.

Bishop T.D. Jakes also spoke tonight on the tragic fight for equality within a systematic racist society and urged us to do something that matters. Jakes consulted with Civil Rights Leaders and Business Leaders in a quest to get back to civility. "I think we are at a turning point. It is up to you and I. This is not a Black and White issue. It is a right and wrong issue. It is about decency. This is a wake up call to get involved and be constructive. Text FLOYD to 55156 to discover what we need to do to fix the system."







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