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By: CaraG @exclusivelycarag

Jingle Jangle hit our living room screens last week on Friday, November 13! Jingle Jangle is

black excellence from the music to the hair. Black characters are never at the front of mainstream Christmas movies, and it is projected that this magical movie will sit with known festive classics such as Polar Express, Home Alone, Elf, and more!

Writer and director David E Talbert excels at ensuring that representation is crucial and leads viewers into a magical world of wonder where everyone has a seat at the table. In a recent interview with ABC Audio, Talbert says, "We're all magical. That the world is an inclusive place." "We all have a seat at the table of Wonder and Magic." Talbert also describes a scene where everyone is dancing in the town square as all cultures and says, "that's what the world is."

Jingle Jangle's amazing animated storybook scenes include the faces of Sharon Rose, Madalen Mill, Anika Noni Rose, Miles Barrow, Lisa Davina Phillip, Kieron L Dyer, Keegan-Michael Key, Diana Babincova, and more, so many more. Dramatic actor Forest Whitaker nails a main character, Jeronicus, who's trying to find himself and his passion again. The Christmas Journey begins with a black girl gazing into a fireplace. At bedtime, her grandmother (Phylicia Rashad) opens a storybook titled "The Invention of Jeronicus Jangle."

Media plays a massive part in how people can portray and experience the world around them. A sequel is already being requested to this top tier instant classic! Netflix's Strong Black Lead, a team of Black executives at the streaming giant, is amplifying the service's content for people of color. It's safe to say that Netflix is intentional with giving blacks the tools to make their ideas a reality.

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