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Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC) leaders will offer updates on efforts to assist returning citizens and support the community through the FRRC fines and fees program at the Richard E. Gerstein Building. Harvey Ruvin, the Miami-Dade Clerk of Court, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the Miami-Dade State Attorney and Carlos J. Martinez, the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office, will join FRRC to discuss why clearing fines and fees benefits citizens, counties and democracy..

Who: Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade Clerk of Court, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Miami-Dade State Attorney, Carlos J. Martinez, Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office. Desmond Meade, Executive Director, Neil Volz, Deputy Director, FRRC staff, etc.

What: FRRC will announce the impact of assisting returning citizens with the Fines and Fees program on the court system, local community and returning citizens.

When: Friday, October 2, 2020 at 2:30 p.m.

Where: Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building - 1351 N.W. 12th Street Miami, FL 33125

FRRC has raised more than $20 million in donations for the Fines and Fees program. Thousands of returning citizens are now eligible to vote through those efforts. FRRC is committed to ensuring that all returning citizens in Florida have the opportunity to become a part of democracy.

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