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It was reported that Cardi B’s husband, Offset from the hip-hop trio, Migos was arrested

Saturday afternoon after driving through a Trump Rally. Offset took to his Instagram live of 25K+ viewers showing police attempting to unlock his door with their guns drawn. He tells police, “Do you know who I am? I’m Offset from Migos.....You’re gonna get sued publicly.” It was reported that Cardi B allegedly screamed at police on behalf of her husband while he was being detained.


Moments before police confronted Offset, Cardi B captured their experience riding through the Trump rally in Beverly Hills on her Instagram Story. She showed Trump Supporter’s, whose faces were covered while carrying fake guns. She claimed she was a bit nervous and felt like she was going to get attacked. You can see offset aggressively snatched from inside of his car in the clip below.


The police statement reads: “At approximately 5:02 PM, Beverly Hills Police received

information from a passerby of a subject who pointed a weapon from a vehicle at him,” “The

passerby provided a license plate to the vehicle, and the vehicle was stopped by patrol units a short distance away. After the on-scene investigation, the passenger in the vehicle was arrested. The victim of the crime did not desire to press charges for the pointing of the weapon,”

The statement did confirm that the arrest allegations were FALSE! Offset was briefly detained on allegations of waving a gun at people and later released. It turns out that a family member of Cardi’s, Marcelo Almanzar was later arrested and charged for the possession of a concealed loaded weapon.

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